vancouver auto body shop myths

Auto Body Shop Myths

Nothing beats the freedom of driving. Whether you’re road tripping on an open highway or zipping around Vancouver, driving is a great feeling. Every now and again, however, accidents happen, and they can quickly turn the joy of driving into a stressful and upsetting situation. There are so many things to think about directly after an accident — making sure …

Preparing Your Car for a Road Trip

Going On A Road Trip? Sunny skies and warm weather means that road trip season is officially here! For a lot of people, there is nothing better than taking a fun road trip with good friends or the family. In the excitement of making your travel plans however, it can be easy to neglect some of the basic car maintenance …


Spring Time Travel Tips Part 1

As the seasons change, so do the hazards on the road! Watch out for these Spring Time travel tips while you’re driving this Spring season!


The Safest Cars for 2014

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an independent research organization, conducts crash tests on vehicles each year at the Vehicle Research Center in Virginia in order to determine which cars are the safest ones to drive. Standards for 2014 are stricter than any other year. In order to make it to the list of safest cars on the road for …