ICBC Repair Shop

Grandcity Autobody is dedicated to helping our clients get back on the road with as little hassle as possible. That is why we are proud to be an ICBC accredited repair shop. With our ICBC accreditation, Grandcity can not only provide you with a repair estimate, we can also send our estimate directly to the ICBC so your claim gets filed in a much more timely fashion. This also saves you from having to make a separate trip to an ICBC claim centre and finding a collision repair shop that is approved by the insurance company. With Grandcity’s ICBC certification, you can rest assured that all the necessary steps towards getting you back on the road will be taken.

Benefits of ICBC Accreditation

After a collision, it is always best to have your car brought to an ICBC accredited repair shop. This saves you from having to worry about a number of different things concerning your vehicle, which is extremely beneficial at such a stressful time. From transport to the repair shop, to filing a claim with ICBC, to acquiring a lifetime guarantee on all repairs, the number of benefits you get from working with an ICBC accredited repair shop are immeasurable.

Towing/Transporting After Collision

After a collision, it is usually necessary for your vehicle to either be brought to an ICBC location for a repair estimate. After the estimate is made by an ICBC official, your vehicle may again be transported to a repair shop. All of these steps can be avoided if you have your car brought directly to us at Grandcity. As an accredited ICBC shop, we can make the estimate ourselves at on of our shops located in Vancouver or Richmond, saving you from having to move your damaged vehicle from one lot to another awaiting your repair estimate.

Filing Your ICBC Claim

After making our estimates, Grandcity’s friendly staff will contact the ICBC on your behalf to ensure your claim is filed in a timely manner. We are usually then given immediate approval to start repairs as soon as you give us the go ahead.

Lifetime Guarantee

One of the greatest benefits we are able to offer thanks to our ICBC accreditation is a lifetime guarantee on all of our collision repairs. Should any problems ever occur with our repairs as long as you own your car, we will gladly fix them at no additional cost to you or your insurance.

For any additonal information about ICBC accredited repair shops, be sure to visit the ICBC’s website. You can also contact us directly at Grandcity if you would like to get started on filing a claim and repairing your damaged vehicle today!