What Goes Into the Auto Repair Process?

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If it is your first time dropping your vehicle off for a repair, you may be anxious to know what goes on behind the scenes of the repair process. Here is a brief overview:

1. Proper Vehicle Repairs are Determined

Before we get started on your vehicle’s required repairs, our experts will first determine the kind of damages that have been sustained, as well as the best course of action to take.

2. Parts are Ordered

Oftentimes, a repair will require the ordering of parts from your vehicle’s manufacturer. This ensures that we are using the correct parts for your vehicle that will have it looking as good as new.

3. Repairs are Planned

Like any successful professional, any good car repairman (or woman) is a planner. Before we even begin on your repair, we will first evaluate what it will entail.

4. Client is Updated

Now that we have a better idea of the kind of repairs that we will be completed on your vehicle, we are able to update you, the client, on what you can expect in terms of financial commitments, as well on what kind of timeline your repairs will follow.

5. Repairs are Undertaken

Now the fun part happens! The repairs will now be undertaken on your vehicle.

6. Paint is Completed (if required)

In some instances, complete car paint or a paint touch-up job may be required. If this is the case for your vehicle, we will fix the paint up after the other repairs have been completed.

7. Repairs are Checked

Even if the repairs are done, it doesn’t mean that our work ends here. It is imperative that we check all of our work to make sure that you are getting your vehicle back in its optimal condition.

8. Client is Notified and Picks Up Vehicle

Once the repairs are officially completed, it is time for you and your vehicle to be reunited. If you have opted to have a replacement vehicle, you will be able to drop it off directly at the auto body shop, for your convenience.

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