Dent Removal

Dents on any car can quickly become an eyesore, and if they aren’t properly repaired, even minor dents can lead to major problems with your car’s body. At Grandcity Autobody, we specialize in providing industry leading auto body repair solutions to a number of issues caused by collisions and wear and tear, including dent removal. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, we have the necessary equipment and the skilled technicians to ensure your dent removal goes smoothly and doesn’t lead to more issues in the future.

Dent removal isn’t often as straightforward as it may seem. Although a dent may not appear to be a major issue on the surface, there is no telling how extensive the damage really is until you have an expert take a look under the body panel. Even minor dents can cause structural issues with the interior body of your car, which is why it is vital to have a trained auto body expert assess the damage and make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. A dented car that bumps and rattles around on the road can become more damaged over time if the original dent is improperly repaired.

Dent Removal Process

Both Grandcity locations in Vancouver and Richmond are fully equipped with the latest dent removal tools that help our technicians identify the extent of the dent, and provide the necessary repairs. Even if the metal body of your car is warped by a large and deep dent, we are fully prepared to completely restore your car to its original state. Dents that have been scraped into the body of your car are also no match for our team of repair specialists. Not only will we ensure your car gets its smooth finish back, we will also be sure to restore any paint damage caused by the dent as well. By the time we are finished, your car will look as good as the day you bought it!

To learn more about our dent removal service, as well as our other top quality auto body repair services, be sure to check out our website. You can also contact us directly or visit us at one of our locations in Vancouver or Richmond to discuss any repairs you may need and to receive a free estimate.