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Magic Pen for Car Scratches: Do They Really Work?

Everyone loves an easy fix to a small problem. That’s exactly why there is a market for things like Magic Pens for car scratches. The claim is that these little instruments fix car scratches by simply pressing the tip of the pen into and along with a scratch and the scratch disappears, like magic. But… is it too good to …

how to protect your cars paint

Car Painting Tips: How to Protect Your Car’s Paint

Summertime in Vancouver is a great time to see beautiful cars driving up and down the roads. Classic cars, new sports cars and everything in between, now is the time people like to show off their wheels. Grandcity Autobody Shop wants to provide you with the best car painting tips. Even if you don’t have the nicest car on the …

what causes discolouration

What Causes Discolouration and What Can I Do About It?

Everyone loves the look of a new car, or even an older car that’s been well taken of. Heads turn when there is a shiny and sleek vehicle on the road, especially one with a perfect paint job. To keep a car in mint condition, a vehicle is usually kept in a garage. But in a place like Vancouver, not …

essential car care tips

Essential Car Care Tips From Your Vancouver Auto Body Shop

Like anything, cars require maintenance. And while taking your car into an auto body shop for inspections is important, there are things you can do year round to extend your vehicle’s life and to catch problems while they are small. If vehicles are left without any routine maintenance, the chances of an issue becoming costly or even risky increase. Some …

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Does My Car Need A Touch Up From An Autobody Shop?

It would be so nice if a new car could somehow remain damage free forever. There is something special and exciting about a brand new vehicle rolling out straight from the factory—shiny, new and free of any scratches, dings or dents.

defrosting tips

Tips on Defrosting Your Windshield

Now that December is here, it is only a matter of time before winter weather will be in full effect. This means you will probably end up having to devote some time to cleaning and scraping ice and snow off of your car before your morning commute in the coming weeks. Every Canadian knows how annoying this can be, especially …


How To Prepare Your Car For The Fall

First comes oil – then comes rain. This creates a sure recipe for slippery road conditions. Yes! It’s true. Our customers, do love us. And, at Grandcity Autobody, you are guaranteed to receive the highest level of service, in the industry. Our hope is that you don’t ever need to use our services… good for business – not so fun, …

road trip tips

Preparing Your Car for a Road Trip

Going On A Road Trip? Sunny skies and warm weather means that road trip season is officially here! For a lot of people, there is nothing better than taking a fun road trip with good friends or the family. In the excitement of making your travel plans however, it can be easy to neglect some of the basic car maintenance …


Spring Time Travel Tips Part 1

As the seasons change, so do the hazards on the road! Watch out for these Spring Time travel tips while you’re driving this Spring season!