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6 Engine Noises That Should Not Be Ignored

Have you ever been cruising down the highway, music blasting, coffee in hand, when an unusual sound erupts from your engine? If not, congratulations on being one in a million. However, be warned that if it hasn’t happened yet, your day could be looming. Cars are great for many reasons. From convenience to aesthetic, your car keeps you out of the rain and allows you to travel in style. That’s why when your car starts signalling that something’s not quite right, you don’t want to ignore its cries for help.

If you’re someone who drives a lot, you’re likely familiar with your car’s regular noises. When those out-of-character sounds hit, it’s time to pay some extra TLC to your vehicle. To help you distinguish the normal from the detrimental, here are 6 engine noises that require immediate professional attention:

1.    Engine Knocking

Knocking on your door is normal, but when it’s coming from your engine, a visit to your mechanic is a must. Regardless of your car model, knocking is never a good sign. This is often related to your car’s ignition, where a knocking sound is produced when fuel is present in the cylinder. The sound could be an indicator of faulty fuel injectors, spark plugs, or distributor caps. A quick visit to your mechanic can identify the source of the knocking.

2.    Hissing

Scary when it’s coming from a cat, even scarier when coming from your engine. A hissing noise could be connected to several potential car troubles. Issues such as an overheated engine, leaky vacuum, plugged catalytic converter, or liquids such as coolant and other fluids leaking onto the hot parts of your engine. As such, it’s crucial you visit an experienced mechanic if your engine starts to hiss or fizzle.

3.    Squealing

A squealing sound could be a signifier of problematic brakes. This is an area where you don’t want to compromise safety. Squealing or excessive grinding can happen due to worn down brakes and insufficient padding. If the issue is ignored, you’re increasing your chances of complete brake failure. However, by intervening in the early stages, a simple brake pad replacement could be the only repair needed.

4.    Rumbling

While a rumbling belly can be fixed with a quick snack, your engine calls for more substantial measures. If you hear loud rumbling coming from your engine, you may have a hole in your exhaust system. This could lead to toxic fumes leaking into the cabin, which are dangerous when inhaled. Typically, a rumbling engine calls for a new muffler, corroded pipe replacement, or tightening of any loose pipes. However, if the rumbling is accompanied with shaking, this could be an indicator of a faulty spark plug, causing the cylinders to misfire. Either way, a professional assessment can ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive.

5.    Popping

Hearing a sudden pop from your engine is unsettling to say the least. This sound could be lending to a few different issues, such as exhaust leaks or a dirty air filter. Nonetheless, a popping engine is never good and calls for immediate attention. As the causes are varied, seeing your mechanic for a proper diagnosis and repair is crucial.

6.    Clicking

When’s the last time you filled your car with oil? If it’s been a while, you may start to hear a clicking noise coming from your engine. Typically, this is a sign that you’re running low on oil. Therefore, a quick oil change or top up should resolve this issue and stop the clicking.

7.    Rust and Dents

Okay, these aren’t exactly noises but you should never neglect your auto body! While it’s vitally important to take care of your car’s engine, your auto body requires equal love and care. Just as engine issues can escalate, auto body repairs left ignored can quickly compromise the integrity of your vehicle. From dents to rust, a weakened auto body can compromise your car’s ability to protect you in times of a collision.

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