what causes discolouration

What Causes Discolouration and What Can I Do About It?

Everyone loves the look of a new car, or even an older car that’s been well taken of. Heads turn when there is a shiny and sleek vehicle on the road, especially one with a perfect paint job. To keep a car in mint condition, a vehicle is usually kept in a garage. But in a place like Vancouver, not …

defrosting tips

Tips on Defrosting Your Windshield

Now that December is here, it is only a matter of time before winter weather will be in full effect. This means you will probably end up having to devote some time to cleaning and scraping ice and snow off of your car before your morning commute in the coming weeks. Every Canadian knows how annoying this can be, especially …

black ice driving

How to Drive on Black Ice

Learning to Drive on Black Ice Can Be Intimidating Black ice is a hazardous roadway problem that drivers in our part of the world must contend with. Langley and coastal areas of British Columbia may not receive the amount of snow that most of Canada receives, but we do have substantial issues with black ice. The following tips are designed …


Keep Your Car Battery Alive This Winter

With the long, cold winter looming, it’s important to consider your vehicle to ensure that it operates for you dependably. Of all the car nuisances that frustrate drivers when the cold weather hits, a dead battery may top them all. With the following tips, however, you can ensure that your battery works effectively during the Vancouver and Richmond winters so …


Winterizing Tips to Protect Your Car

With winter fast approaching, it’s a good idea to get your vehicle prepared for the cold weather to come. Without proper winterizing care and maintenance, your car might not hold up the way you expect it to. To protect your vehicle and keep it looking and running its best, follow these tips and techniques that are ideal for the Vancouver …


Reporting an Accident – Step by Step Insurance Claim

We know the moments after an accident can be the most stressful. That’s why we have created this simple step by step guide to take some of the worry away. Just follow our guide to Reporting an Accident and Step by Step Insurance Claim process. Remember to call our team at GrandCity Auto Body Shop for assistance!

HOW TO: Drive In The Snow

Brr! Winter is here, and as the temperature drops, the consequences of careless driving start to rise. Accidents happen to everyone, but we have some tips on how to drive in the snow to get to your destination safely.


How To Change A Tire

It’s the beginning plot of far too many thrillers: you’re driving on a deserted highway in the middle of the night, and get a flat tire. You pull over, assess the damage, and a lone stranger appears to ask if you need to spend the night at his cabin. Don’t get trapped in Scorsese’s next movie – we’ve got fool-proof …