What Steps Should I Take After a Car Accident in Vancouver or Richmond?

What Steps Should I Take After a Car Accident in Vancouver or Richmond?

We all hope to get through life without too much damage. Everyone has to endure their share of scrapes, and if were drivers, chances are pretty high that well be in at least some kind of fender bender (hopefully nothing worse!) along the way.

Because accidents happen! So if you live in Vancouver, Richmond or anywhere in the Lower Mainland, its good to know what the proper steps to take are, just in case one happens to you.

Post Accident Steps

1. Pullover and assess the damage:

Get off the road as soon as possible so that you dont cause more issues for drivers around you, which will only add to the stress of an already stressful situation. If its dangerous to move your car, wait for help to show up. Even the smallest of accidents cause a huge spike in adrenaline, so theres a good chance youll be a little shook up. Before this turns into shock or anger, stop to take a breather. 

2. Ensure there are no injuries:

If there is another driver or person involved in the accident, make sure that they are ok, too. If anyone is hurt, its a good idea to call an ambulance right away. Many times, injuries dont cause immediate symptoms so be careful with yourself. Exchange information with the other parties, including full name, email address and phone number. Its not unusual to ask to see a drivers license to make sure everything is above board.

3. Check out the damage to the car:

Is there any visible damage? Do a thorough walk around, and if you have a phone, take photos of any new damage dents, scrapes or anything worse. Not all damage is visible. Sometimes structural damage has happened to the frame, the brakes or something internal like the electrical. Note if there are any smells coming from either car, including gas and smoke, and look underneath for any leaks.

4. Contact ICBC:

Depending on the severity of the injuries and the damage incurred, you’ll soon have to call ICBC and make a report. Each party in the accident will make their own report. What happens next depends on the conditions of the accident. For example, was there someone clearly at fault or is it questionable who is responsible? Was there alcohol involved? Do the police or other emergency services need to be called?

ICBC will begin a file and take over the investigation of the accident. In some cases, you may want to call a lawyer to make sure you are getting the best representation possible. 

5: Contact Tow truck:

Now you can assess whether you need to call a tow truck if your vehicle is in questionable condition, and to call our Vancouver autobody repair shop if thats where the vehicle is headed. It is always best to err on the side of safety. Even if theres a slight risk that your car is not fit to drive, call for a tow. You dont need another accident on the way home because your brakes fail!

At Grandcity, we see cars in a range of conditions following an accident and know how difficult the situation is for drivers. Its important not to panic and make sure everyone is safe.

Whether youre in a residential neighborhood in Vancouver or on the road to Richmond, collisions, big or small, is scary. Always take precautions afterward to ensure that everything is handled well, try to keep your cool and collect as much information as possible.