Maintain Your Paint Job!

Your car paint job is its only line of defense against a slew of elemental threats that not only decimate resale value… but actively destroy sheet metal.

So how can you preserve your paint?

At Grandcity Autobody, we’ve been helping Vancouver and Richmond vehicle owners with issues just like this for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve learned that the best offense is an informed defense.

You probably already know the obvious threats— getting dinged in the parking lot… gravel roads… a vengeful ex— but there are a number of things that can do as much— if not even more— damage to the exterior of your vehicle without being anywhere near as apparent.

Some things to watch out for:

The Gas Crisis

Paying to put gas in your vehicle is bad enough, but it only gets worse if you try to “top off” your tank. Topping off can lead to overflow and that excess gasoline is a guaranteed way to damage your paint. If you do have some accidental overflow, your best option is to have a bottle of instant detailer and a microfiber on hand to clean up the mess before it can do any harm.

Tree Sap

Did you know that ancient societies used tree sap as an adhesive like glue? Yep. And, if you’ve ever tried to clean off tree sap, you know why. Sap doesn’t wipe up. Trying to wipe it up just makes it angry, causing it to smear and spread out even further. If your vehicle falls victim to a leaky tree, bug and tar remover and mineral spirits can mean the difference between exposed sheet metal and an intact coat of paint.

Your Morning Pick-Me-Up

Even the “nectar of the gods” can hurt your vehicle if you let it. Most caffeinated drinks are highly acidic and— unless they’re washed off immediately— they can have a devastating effect on your car’s finish. It’ll only be harder to clean off later.

Sprinkles of Destruction

If you don’t have a lawn to maintain— or if your lawn is well-maintained— you may never even think about automatic sprinklers. Most people would never guess how damaging simple water can be to your car’s finish, but the minerals left behind can bond to your vehicle’s paint job. If you can’t avoid getting water spots, the best thing to do is get your car to a professional detailer ASAP.

Avian Autographs

Everyone hates bird poop on their vehicle, but here’s an extra reason to resent it: it’s acidic. As ruined marble statues in cities with large pigeon populations can illustrate, bird poop is more than just unsightly… it’s destructive. And, when you factor in seeds and bits of gravel, your paint is really in for a pounding. Wash off any bird poop you see as soon as you can with a bottle of quick detail and a soft microfiber cloth. And take special care to use a lifting action when you clean your car so that you don’t grind anything further into your paint job.

One of the very best things you can do for the life and health of your vehicle’s paint job is to make sure you maintain a good coat of wax. A good wax job will make your vehicle look great for sure, but it also goes a long way towards preventing paint chipping and damage. At the very least, it can buy you time to get your vehicle professional washed and cared for at Grandcity Autobody.

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