There are different solutions when your car is not properly fix

What to Do When Collision Damage is NOT Repaired Properly?

As vehicles grow in popularity and use, the need for repairs also increases. This has led to the decline of quality in some car repair shops. In some cases, insurance companies promote quick repairs at low costs, resulting in rushed, imperfect work.

When having work done on your car, it’s important that the repairs are done properly. The first step in assuring this is to ask questions about your auto body repair shop. Professional auto body shop in Vancouver that prioritize quality over quantity, will be happy to answer your questions as they stand by their work.

When You Need Car Repair After Accident

  1. What are the credentials of your auto body shop?
  2. Do you offer a warranty on repairs?
  3. Will you properly match the paint?
  4. Do you have rental or courtesy cars?

Grandcity Auto Body has won multiple awards for its level of customer service. With their expert use of the latest technologies and procedures, their lifetime warranty, and paint-matching expertise, they welcome questions because they have the best answers.

Respectable auto body repair shops should offer the same level of service and pride in their work. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to assure you’re receiving the best care for your vehicle.

So, you’ve asked your questions and dropped your car off for repairs. What’s next?

Making Inspections

As a car owner, you should be completely satisfied with the repairs made to your vehicle, especially when it’s from a collision. The vehicle should be restored to its pre-collision condition, in both looks and performance, with no question of the vehicle’s safety.

One way to assure this is by inspecting the repairs before proceeding with payment. Any respectable auto repair shop, such as Grandcity will stand by their work and want the best for their customers. At Grandcity, car owners are encouraged to inspect the repaired dents and scratches, to assure they leave the shop confident in their new (old) vehicle.

There may be an incident where you’re not completely happy with the work that was done. In this case, there are a few points of contact car owners have to assure a solution is found.

4 Solutions When A Auto Body Shop Doesn’t Complete The Car Repair

1. Speak to the Auto Body Shop

During your inspection, should you find an area you’re not satisfied with, be sure to point this out to the auto body shop as soon as you notice it. Come to a mutual understanding with the shop before paying any bills or submitting insurance claims. The shop should be able to provide reasonable solutions to correct the issue.

2. Request a Post-Repair Inspection

A post-repair inspection is an evaluation made by a third party who did not perform the repairs. This is to ensure that the repairs were done properly and that the car has been restored to its pre-collision condition. A proper inspection will provide an unbiased opinion on the repairs done, creating further ease for both parties.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company

If you believe that your vehicle has not been restored to its pre-collision condition, and an agreement cannot be reached between you and the repair shop, you should reach out to your insurance provider. From there, a dispute can be put in place to assure a post-repair inspection is properly conducted before any payment is made.

4. Leave a Review

Word of mouth is everything these days. Should you have a positive or negative experience, you have the power to make it public. If you feel strongly that your repairs were unsatisfactory, you can leave reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. to detail your experience and seek out a resolution.

In Conclusion

When having work done on your car, it’s important that the repairs are done properly. This starts with your choice of auto body shop. With an array of choices in Vancouver, it can be difficult to choose just one. With Grandcity Auto Body Ltd. Vancouver, you’re choosing a shop that offers exceptional customer satisfaction, top-of-the-line technologies, and expert practices. As an ICBC Accredited Collision Repair shop, they can assist with all of your auto body needs.