how to protect your cars paint

Car Painting Tips: How to Protect Your Car’s Paint

Summertime in Vancouver is a great time to see beautiful cars driving up and down the roads. Classic cars, new sports cars and everything in between, now is the time people like to show off their wheels. Grandcity Autobody Shop wants to provide you with the best car painting tips.

Even if you don’t have the nicest car on the road, you probably still like the way your vehicle looks when it is shiny and clean. Wouldn’t it be nice if cars could stay pristine all season long? But in Vancouver, there are many hazards that can actually start to eat away at your car’s paint job. This in turn affects the resale value and can be a problem that’s costly and difficult to stop once it starts.

So we’ve come up with a post for how to protect your car paint — what to avoid and what to do to make sure your car’s paint job stays perfect.

Here are some harmful hazards…


The thing we all love most after a long Vancouver winter is also damaging to a paint job. Just like your skin, a car will be affected by the sun. In the sun, paint will expand and absorb more of the dirt and dust in the air. It will also fade the colour and finish.


As the trees begin to wake from their winter slumber, sap starts dripping. With so many trees in Vancouver, many vehicle owners will find their cars covered in a sticky sap. If you find sap on your car, wash it immediately. Sap can dissolve the paint on your car and will be an adhesive for all the dirt and debris in the air.


While Vancouver normally doesn’t have a problem with salt on the roads, this year was different than others. With more snowfall than usual, more salt was used to melt it. Salt is terrible for a car’s paint and will lead to rust. Try to quickly remove any salt buildup during the winter months.

Bird Droppings

It’s almost impressive how accurate a bird can aim its droppings on a clean vehicle. Bird droppings can eat away at a vehicle’s paint job and it is best to clean it off as soon as possible.

And how to avoid them…

Keep it covered

Of course, keeping your vehicle out of the elements is the most effective way to protect the paint job. However, not everyone has the opportunity to park their car in a covered garage, especially in Vancouver. But if you have a luxury or classic vehicle, you might want to consider renting a covered space, at least for the winter months. Alternatively, you can purchase a vehicle cover, or even a protective tarp from a hardware store.

Keep it clean

Taking your car to the car wash regularly will extend the life of its paint. It’s also a good idea to keep some cleaning supplies in the trunk, including disposable shammies and some all purpose cleaner that is safe for the exterior. That way if you encounter something small like a bird dropping, you can take care of it right away.

Keep it sealed

If your car doesn’t already have a protective clear coat of paint, it might be worth investing in having one applied by a professional Vancouver auto body shop. Especially in a climate that is as diverse and hard on a paint job like Vancouver. It’s also worth the extra time and money to have a wax finish put on your car when you clean it. This protective coating will do wonders to protect the paint job.

Even if you don’t have a flashy car, protecting its paint job will help with resale value and will prevent small issues from becoming large problems.

Now get out there and enjoy that sunshine!