Automobile Incident Statistics

Automobile Incident Statistics

The provincial insurance corporation ICBC recently released a report with the automobile incident statistics for 2017. As a driver, passenger or pedestrian, it’s good to be aware of how safe (or not safe!) the roads are in Metro Vancouver.


In Vancouver, car crashes are on the rise. 2016 saw 220,000 reported crashes, up from 200,000 in 2015. The five-year average for crashes in Metro Vancouver was 190,000. Yikes!


Every year, more people, on average, are injured or killed in crashes. 2016 saw a big leap to 64,000 from 58,000 in 2015, well above the five-year average of 57,000.

Fatal crashes

Finally some good news (sorta). The 2016 stats show a slight decrease in the number of fatalities at 273, but it was still well above the five-year average of 260 crash related deaths.

Why are there so many crashes on the roads in Vancouver?


Both domestic and wild animals are to blame for plenty of accidents. Every year, on average, there are a reported 1,100 animal-caused accidents. While 57 people were injured, there were no human fatalities. The report does not disclose the amount of critters hurt or killed, however.


2016 was on par for the last few years with 1,500 crashes involving cyclists. The biggest jump over the last five years was between 2012-2014 when cyclist-related accidents went from 900 per year to 1,400. Don’t forget to wear your helmet!


You might find it shocking that there were 38,000 hit-and-run reported crashes in 2016, resulting in 1,500 injuries and 3 fatalities.


Crashes involving pedestrians was on average with 2015 with 2,300. But that’s still well above the five-year average of 2,000. Of that number, 43 pedestrians died in 2016.

Seat belt

It’s hard to believe that people still don’t buckle up but there 13 of the people who died in 2016 car crashes were not wearing their seat belt.


These are the three main contributions for fatal car crashes and they accounted for:

  • Speed: 30% of crashes, resulting in 31 deaths.
  • Impaired (alcohol, drugs or medication): 22% of crashes, resulting in 16 deaths.
  • Distracted: 28% of crashes, resulting in 31 fatalities.

In other words, slow down and pay attention! And if you’ve had to much to drink, find alternative arrangements.