Reporting an Accident – Step by Step Insurance Claim

We know the moments after an accident can be the most stressful. That’s why we have created this simple step by step guide to take some of the worry away. Just follow our guide to Reporting an Accident and Step by Step Insurance Claim process. Remember to call our team at GrandCity Auto Body Shop for assistance!


The Safest Cars for 2014

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, an independent research organization, conducts crash tests on vehicles each year at the Vehicle Research Center in Virginia in order to determine which cars are the safest ones to drive. Standards for 2014 are stricter than any other year. In order to make it to the list of safest cars on the road for …


What to Do after a Car Accident

Your risk of being involved in an auto collision in Vancouver depends on several factors, including your driving experience, the time of day or night that you drive, the roads you are traveling, the weather, and the other drivers on the road during the time that you are in your vehicle. While you never want your car to be in …

summer tips

How to Buy Summer Tires

Summer is a great time to buy new tires especially if you are planning to take a driving vacation or lots of seasonal excursions. Whenever you buy tires there are some essential considerations to keep in mind, but if you plan to buy new tires this summer, use these tips to help you make an optimum purchase for your vehicle.

driving in the rain

5 Tips for Driving In The Rain

April Showers bring May Flowers! Isn’t that so true in Vancouver, with all the rainy weather in BC we decided to create this infograph with 5 tips for Driving in the Rain. The risk of an auto collision increases in the rain whether, often not because of you but other drivers. Here are 5 things you can do to lessen …

5 Post Car Accident Tips

We know that being in an auto collision can be traumatic and a stressful experience, because of that we decided to create the short infographic on “5 Car Accident Tips” to ensure that we can help minimize any stress that you may have.

car spring cleaning

5 Car Cleaning Tips To Get Your Car Ready For Spring

Your home isn’t the only thing that needs a spring clean when the weather begins to heat up. As the sun starts to shine, we all want to get out on the roads and explore. Your car will need some TLC to be in the best condition for spring and summer.