Image of cars driving down snow covered roads

Is the Winter Worse For Auto Body Damage?

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your car, from the paint job to the engine, especially if you live in Vancouver. Taking a few extra steps to protect the auto body of your car from the elements will help keep it running smoothly all winter long. Here are a few tips from our auto body mechanics in Vancouver and auto body mechanics in Richmond on how to do just that.

1. Keep it clean

An easy and proactive way to protect your car’s paint job from winter weather is to simply keep it clean. Dirt, road salt, and other contaminants can damage the paint, so it’s important to wash your car regularly during the winter months. If possible, try to wash your car in a garage or carport to avoid exposing it to the elements.

If you can, wash and wax your car before the winter weather hits. This will create a protective barrier against the salt and other elements that can damage your paint job. You should also park in a garage or under a protective awning whenever possible to further protect your car’s finish and prolong your auto body repair.

2. Wax it up and keep your eye out for rust

Another way to protect your car’s paint job is to wax it regularly. Wax protects the paint from the elements, helping to prevent dirt and road salt from damaging the paint. If you can’t wax your car every week, try to do it at least once a month.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is rust. Rust can form on your car when it’s exposed to rain, so it’s important to clean it off as soon as possible. Make sure you regularly wash your car during the winter months, paying special attention to areas where salt and other chemicals are used on the roads. You should also have your car inspected for rust at least once a year. With all the salt on the road during the winter, come into our auto body shop in Vancouver to spot early signs of rust.

3. Prevent damage

When the weather is bad, one of the best ways to protect your car’s paint job from the elements is to cover it up. You can buy a car cover at most auto parts stores, or you can make a makeshift one out of a tarp or blanket.

Investing in winter tires can help prevent accidents and damage to your car. If you’re concerned about slipping on icy roads, you may want to invest in a set of snow tires. Snow tires have special tread patterns that help grip the road, making it less likely for your car to slide on icy roads.

4. Be careful when parking

When you park your car, be careful not to scratch or dent the paint. If possible, park in a garage or underground parking lot to avoid exposure to the elements. If you have to park outside, try to find a spot that isn’t too close to other cars so you don’t risk getting scratched or dinged. If you do experience damage, minor or major, our auto body repair shop can restore your car to its pre-collision condition.

5. Keep an eye on the forecast

Before you head out on the road, be sure to check the weather forecast so you know what conditions you’ll be driving in. If there is a chance of freezing rain or snow, take extra precautions such as driving more slowly and leaving extra space between you and other cars.

6. Don’t use harsh chemicals

When cleaning your car, avoid using harsh chemicals such as ammonia-based cleaners as they can damage the paint job. Instead, opt for milder soap and water solutions or dedicated car-washing products that are designed for use on painted surfaces.

Taking care of your car’s auto body is important all year long, but it’s especially crucial during the winter months. Salt and other debris can damage your car’s finish, so be sure to take some extra precautions to protect your vehicle. If you have any questions or need any assistance, call our auto body shop in Vancouver today! We’re here to help you keep your car looking great all winter long.