Why you shouldn’t DIY Collision Repairs

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Collision Repairs

In the age of the online tutorial, everyone thinks they’re a pro. And don’t get us wrong… online tutorials can come in so handy! Want to learn how to make pizza dough or learn to moonwalk or refinish furniture? By all means — learn away!

But when it comes to something that has real consequences like collision repairs, do-it-yourself (DIY) isn’t going to cut it.

Most people simply don’t have all the proper tools and skills in order to do a proper auto repair job. It takes years of learning and hands on experience to correctly fix most problem on an automobile. Take a simple dent, for example. Many DIY videos will quickly present step-by-step instructions to pop out the dent with a dry ice or heat application. What they might not show, however, is that a dent in a vehicle means that the metal is stretched, possibly creating sharp edges that need to be carefully reshaped.

If the DIY dent repair is approached haphazardly, there is a chance that the paint and the topcoat will be damaged, or that it will create conditions for rust to appear and spread. Or maybe the car panels will be distorted or the topcoat will burn. There are plenty of things that could go wrong that will need additional repair in the future, thereby creating more cost in the long run. And that’s just a dent we’re talking about.

A dent might not be the end of the world, and some people can live with a low-quality DIY job. But what if the damage is more severe? What if there is structural damage that compromises the integrity of the vehicle, making it unsafe on the road and putting people’s lives at risk?

This is when DIY repair jobs are worrisome at best and dangerous at worst. If an accident has caused damage to the frame, it’s not always obvious to the untrained eye. But frame damage could affect wheel alignment and even the braking and steering systems. Vehicles in this condition need serious repairs from trained auto repair workers who can raise the car on a lift and really take a look at what is happening and make a plan to fix the repairs correctly.

When a person attempts their own repairs, they often do more damage to their vehicle because they don’t have the correct tools, education and skill to do the job properly. A professional Vancouver collision repair centre like Grandcity will be able to assess the damage and layout a plan for what the next steps should be.

Plus a collision repair centre like Grandcity has the proper tools to do the job correctly, and employees with years of training and experience, who are committed to making sure that the vehicles that leave the shop are safe for the roads.

If you have a vehicle that is in need of some repair, bring it in and we can assess it. Save the tutorials for learning those sweet dance moves you’ve always dreamed of doing.