Trending Car Colours in 2023

Tastes change and trends come and go, in every industry and affecting every part of our lives. And car colours are no exception.

We might think that our taste and style is completely independent and solely based on our unique individual whims, but we are often influenced in ways we don’t realize. Style trends are heavily researched and predicted several years in advance, determining what is on the market and influencing our preferences. In other words, there are already people studying what colours of vehicles are going to sell best in 2023. Sounds a bit crazy, right? But there is big money in having a finger on the pulse of colour trends, especially in cars.

So, who predicts this and how? And what colour should we expect to see more on the roads in 2020? Let’s see below.

Trending Car Colours in 2023

The world’s largest chemical manufacturing company — has a major role in paint colours prediction and creation. Traditionally, white vehicles have ruled the roads, followed by black and grey; red cars have always had a decent percentage of the market share. But these days and for the next few years, you are going to be seeing more and bluer cars on the roads.

While blue cars are not an entirely new idea—different shades of blue have been on the scene for decades—for the next few years, brighter and deeper blues are going to be rolling off the manufacturing line. Think cobalt, deep sea blue and nice navy. In fact, a Paint Manufacturing Company calls the future blue that’s about to be ubiquitous Atomium Sky.

Trends are usually influenced by other things going on in society at large. These days, people’s lives are dictated by technology and an increased interest in science and space travel. What colour is closely associated with these things? Many people will automatically think of a deep glowing blue hue.

People who study colour trends look at where they think the world is going and what’s going to have the greatest influence on the future. The result differs around the world. In Asia, for example, where artificial intelligence and robotics reigns, cars colour trends are predicting an increase in metallic silver and matte grey, a departure from the more flashy neons and primary colours that symbolized wealth and material freedom.  And the relationship to technology has resulted in the name: Grey Ambivalence.

Reflecting other cultural trends in North America, watch for these names in the near future:

  • Hyper HD
  • IM Perfect
  • Knight’s Watch
  • Lucid Dreams

While conservative colours like white, black and grey will remain in the top spots for the foreseeable future, it’s interesting to think about what colours are making gains, and why.

2023 feels futuristic for those of us who remember the 90s and remember when the year 2000 meant digital armageddon. And with terms like Grey Ambivalence and Lucid Dreams, it sounds like the world of the future is finally within our sights. And since we all thought we would have flying cars by now, at least they will look like they rocket off into outer space.

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