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Hybrid Car Maintenance Tips and Tricks

A hybrid car is a great option for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint by driving a high-efficiency vehicle. Using less gas can help you save money over time, but all those savings will be for nought if you end up spending a fortune on maintenance for your hybrid car. To help you get the most out of your hybrid car, we have a few helpful maintenance tips listed below.

Helpful Maintenance Tips for Hybrid Car

    1. Hybrid Engines

      A full hybrid car will have the capability to stop using its internal combustion engine and switch to the electrical drive motor. This often happens when the car is operating at a low speed, but it does help save fuel and reduce the wear and tear on the engine. While this is convenient for saving fuel and preserving the engine, if one component fails, the whole house of cards will come down. That makes troubleshooting the issue and making the appropriate repairs a more time-consuming task that should be left entirely to the professionals.

    2. Regenerative Braking System

      Hybrid drivers can benefit from the unique braking systems found in these vehicles. Unlike a traditional car that needs regular replacements of brake pads and other related components, a hybrid car doesn’t use its mechanical braking system as much. Therefore, hybrid owners can save plenty of not having to worry about repairing or replacing brakes as often.

    3. Cooling Systems

      There is a much more sophisticated cooling system found in hybrid cars. That is because the electric drive motor and the regenerative brakes do create a lot of heat. Because of this, they each have their own cooling system which needs to be checked individually during any maintenance. This can take longer, but the process is necessary to make sure the car doesn’t overheat.

    4. Maintenance Free Electronics

      The electrical components in hybrid cars are designed to be maintenance-free, meaning there is very little cost associated with checking on these components. There are also significant warranties on the battery, so it is fairly simple to get a replacement should the need arise. For the most part, mechanics need only check to verify that your electrical connections are in a safe condition and in good order.

    5. Insurance Considerations

      Some hybrid drivers can benefit from lower insurance costs because some insurers believe they are at less risk of a collision compared to non-hybrid drivers. On the other hand, since some hybrid components such as the engine, transmission or electrical drive cost more to repair and replace, some insurers will charge more for repairs. The truth is it varies from insurer to insurer, so it is best to consult with your agent or broker if you are considering getting a hybrid car. One major thing to keep in mind is the offsetting fuel savings associated with a hybrid car. In some cases, these savings cancel out any additional insurance fees related to repairs and maintenance.

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