Damage Automotive Paint

Things That Can Damage Automotive Paint

Theres nothing like a pristine automotive paint job. When a car drives past thats shiny, clean and perfect, heads automatically turn to watch it go by.

Lots of people love having their cars paint job in perfect condition. They wash and wax it regularly. But in a place like Vancouver, keeping the paint job perfect can be a difficult task. There are hazards everywhere! 

Of course, the best thing to do to keep that paint perfect is to keep the car hidden and protected. But not everyone has the luxury of parking their vehicles in a covered, dry, safe place. So if you live in Vancouver or any major city, heres what you need to avoid to preserve your automotive paint job.

Bird Droppings

It seems birds have some kind of weird knowledge that as soon as you wash your car, its a great place to drop somedroppings. It happens every time! Bird droppings erode paint and expose the underlying layers so wash them away as soon as you can and try not to park in bird hazard zones like under a tree or wires.


Have you done something to upset the little rascals in your neighborhood? Have they retaliated by throwing eggs at your car? If so, wash them off immediately because eggs will eat away at the layers of paint on your vehicle.


In Vancouver, the roads arent icy often. But when they are, the city heavily salts and sands them. That salt is terrible for paint so wash it as soon as it warms up!


Most people are careful when filling their tanks, but if there is spillage onto the vehicle, that gasoline can eat through the top layer of protection, exposing your paint to the elements and putting it at risk.

Tree Sap

Yes, trees are beautiful and we are lucky to have so many in Vancouver. But some, like the giant maple trees that line some streets, drip sap onto vehicles and both break down the paint and act like glue for other dirt and debris.

Bug Guts

While its not as bad in the city, bug guts can do damage to your automotive paint job, especially if you are going on a road trip. Its a good idea to run your vehicle through a car wash when you get to your destination.

Dirt and Debris

If left to build up, dirt and debris can cause scratches and imperfections to a paint job. Or if you leave too much dust on your car, youre almost asking someone to trace the words WASH MEinto it. While this might seems funny at first, it actually scratches and damages the paint.

Detergents and Abrasive Cleaners

If you are going to wash your car at home, make sure you use automotive soap. Things like dish detergent and/or sponges that have a scratchy side will do more harm than good. Find a soft sponge and proper car soap before you start washing.

Temperature Fluctuations

Its not that easy to protect your vehicle against Mother Natures whims, but drastic swings in temperature can cause the paint to expand and shrink. Over time, this will cause the paint to degrade so you might want to cover your car in the extreme sun or ultracold.

The best thing you can do to keep an automotive paint job in good condition in Vancouver is to take action. Apply a wax coating to give it some extra protection, watch where you park and give it a wash if you see build up.

And if theres already damage done, bring it into Grandcity auto body shop in Vancouver and well be happy to help!