The History of Auto Body Repair

Like the cars we work on, the auto body repair industry has undergone a great number of changes over the last century or so. When the car was first mass produced and made available to the greater public by Henry Ford in 1908, there were virtually no auto body repair shops in existence. The automobile was so new and unlike any other means of transportation at the time, that no one, outside of the few people who designed and built the old Model T Fords, was really qualified to repair the vehicle. Many people often turned to a machinist or even a bicycle repair shop for assistance when they needed to repair their car in the early 1900s, but as the popularity of the automobile grew, so did the demand for experienced and reliable mechanics and auto body specialists.

By the 1920s, there were a great deal of cars on the roads, which meant that manufacturers and dealerships needed to provide drivers with the means of repairing their vehicles in the event of a collision or breakdown. To meet this demand, manufacturers started making standardized parts that could easily replace damaged components of a vehicle. Dealerships and private repair companies were now able to employ mechanics that were able to easily repair vehicles using the prefabricated parts provided in abundance by the manufacturers. This method of auto repair lasted into the 1930s and 40s, though production and demand for repairs did hit a major decline at this time due to the Great Depression and the Second World War.

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Following World War II, an economic boom of unprecedented levels came to North America, and with it cam a major rise in auto manufacturing and subsequently the demand for auto body repairs. By the 1960s, cars were becoming more intricate and unique, and a great deal more powerful thanks to improvements to engine performance and body design. Auto body repair shops began to offer more customized work for drivers, and became a lot more precise in their repair methods. As the decades rolled on, cars became lighter and more fuel efficient, and had to meet higher standards of safety with requirements like safety windshields and seatbelts. Collision repair as a result, became even more standardized and had to meet higher levels in terms of safety and quality.

Today’s vehicles require an extensive amount of skill and knowledge in order to become qualified to perform repairs on them. Auto body repair shops must employ certified auto body technicians who are well versed in the complex computer and electronic systems found in vehicles today. The safety standards that must be met when repairing a vehicle today are also higher than ever, and require a broader base of knowledge among mechanics and auto body repair specialists. Even paint needs to be exactly matched to the original colour from the manufacturer. Due to these facts, it is more important than it ever has been before to have your vehicle repaired by a certified auto body repair specialist.

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