Do I Really Need to Fix Those Rock Chips & Scratches in my Car?

Yes Fix Those Rock Chips In Your Car

Even the most cautious drivers on the road can’t always avoid getting nicks, scratches or chips taken out of the paint finish and body work of their vehicle. It is an unfortunate fact of owning a vehicle; eventually you will run into a few bumps and scrapes on the road. Whether you live in a more moderate climate, or in a region that experiences many different types of weather such as the Vancouver and Richmond areas of Southern BC, it is inevitable that a rock, pebble, tree branch or any number of items found on the road will do some kind of damage to the paint and finish of your car. Most driver will simply view this as a minor annoyance, and are unlikely to make any repairs to the small chips or scratches they may find on their car. While it is true that these little marks are initially a minor problem and a slight eyesore, if they aren’t repaired you can quickly find yourself in the midst of a real problem.

If You Don’t, Your Car Could Rust

Many people avoid making repairs to their car’s exterior nicks and paint chips because they may not consider them to be anything more than a cosmetic problem that isn’t worth the cost to fix at this time. While they are correct in thinking a minor scratch is initially just a cosmetic issue for their car, it is important to be aware of the danger even a minor scratch can pose to the overall finish or your vehicle. In a lot of cases, chips in the paint and sealer caused by even the smallest pebble can lead to a major rust problem in the future. If allowed to go unchecked, this rust can quickly spread and will become a far more expensive issue that will require immediate attention. So when it comes to fixing the small scratches and chips on your car, it becomes a question of whether or not you are willing to risk more extensive damage in the future in order to save money now.

Are Paint Chips Toxic

Most paint chips on cars are not inherently toxic. However, some older vehicles may have paint containing lead, which can be toxic if ingested or inhaled. If you suspect lead-based paint, it’s crucial to take precautions when handling and disposing of paint chips. Generally, modern automotive paint chips are not a health concern.

Do Car Washes Chip Paint

Car washes that use abrasive brushes or harsh chemicals can potentially cause minor paint chipping over time. However, reputable car wash facilities employ gentler methods, such as touchless washes or soft brushes, to minimize paint damage. Regularly using a high-quality car wash service can help reduce the risk of paint chipping.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Rock Chips in Vancouver

The cost of fixing rock chips in Vancouver can vary depending on the number, size, and severity of the chips. On average, expect to pay between $50 to $150 per chip for professional repair services. However, it’s best to obtain quotes from local auto body shops for precise pricing tailored to your specific needs.

How to Fix Large Paint Chips on a Car

Repairing large paint chips requires more extensive work. Start by cleaning the chip and the surrounding area. Fill the chip with touch-up paint or a paint repair kit. For larger chips that expose metal or primer, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance. A body shop can properly fill, sand, and repaint the damaged area, ensuring a seamless repair that matches the rest of the car’s finish.

A well equipped Vancouver auto body repair shop with experienced and dedicated experts will be able to offer you a simple and inexpensive solution to your vehicle’s paint scratches and chips. At Grandcity, we will be sure to do a thorough job fixing any of the nicks, bumps, scratches and chips we find, so you can rest assured that you won’t experience any rust problems with your car in the future. To get a free estimate for your vehicle, be sure to contact us today!