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Questions You Should Ask Your Auto Body Shop

Taking your car to an auto body shop can be a stressful experience. Horror stories of being taken advantage of, poor workmanship, and untrustworthy mechanics have been heard by everyone. Grandcity Auto Body Shop in Vancouver is dedicated to honest work, customer satisfaction, and reputation. We want your time with us to be as easy and stress-free as possible. So, we’ve compiled a list of questions you should ask any auto body shop before you give them your vehicle.

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Auto Body Shop

1. What Are Your Credentials?

A quality auto body shop must have the proper credentials and certifications. It’s the best way to know the people working on your car have the knowledge and experience. All of our technicians are fully qualified and continue to undergo coursework to stay up-to-date on the latest technology and procedures.

2. What is Your Warranty?

The sign of a quality auto body shop is one that will stand by its work. If they don’t offer a warranty, it’s probably a sign you should go somewhere else. If they do, be sure to ask what it covers and how long it lasts. Grandcity Auto Body offers a lifetime warranty on any work done to your vehicle.

3. Will You Match the Paint?

The point of getting a dent or scratch repaired is to make it look like nothing happened. Part of that process is matching the paint to your existing colour. Every car comes with its own paint code for this purpose, but some mechanics still try to match by eye alone. Ask them about their painting process to ensure the best look. Grandcity offers the latest in paint-match technology, so even if your vehicle’s colour is not original, you can be sure we’ll match it.

4. Do You Have Rental or Courtesy Cars?

Before you leave your vehicle at an auto body shop, ask if they offer rental or courtesy cars. This will make the entire process more comfortable and less stressful for you, as it won’t leave you stranded and unable to continue with your day. We offer a line of clean, late model courtesy cars, as well as complimentary valet service.

5. What Are Others Saying About Them?

Word of mouth can be a great way to get an honest picture of the people you’re thinking of leaving your vehicle. Look online or ask around to see what people are saying about them. Grandcity Auto Body has won multiple awards for customer service and has been reviewed highly. Now that you have all the answers you’ll need, you’re ready to make your choice.

Please contact Grandcity Auto Body Shop, if you have more questions!