Quality Autobody Repair

Keep Your Car’s Value By Using A Trusted Autobody Repair Shop

Getting into a collision is the last thing anyone wants when it comes to their car. The unexpected repair costs along with the inconvenience of not having a car for an extended period of time are just a few of the negative repercussions that come with getting into an accident. While those inconveniences are usually short term issues, having poor quality auto body repairs performed on your car can drastically affect the value of your vehicle, which can lead to a number of long term issues you may have to deal with in the future. Should your car ever be involved in a serious collision, there are some important factors concerning the car’s value to consider when choosing where to get it repaired.

Structural Integrity

A poor repair job can often result in a significant decrease in the structural integrity of your car. While this may not be something that you immediately notice once you get your car back, it is something to make sure your auto body repair shop has a good track record with. After driving your car a few times, you will likely notice any if any shoddy workmanship has been completed. You may hear some rattling you never heard before, or the suspension may feel slightly off since your collision. These issues should certainly not occur after repairs have been completed, and will definitely have a negative impact on the car’s resale value, as well as the overall safety of the vehicle.

Cosmetic Appearance

Right away you and a potential buyer will both be able to notice if any sub-par work was done on the body of the car itself. Anything less than seamless work is unacceptable when it comes to auto-body repairs. This means that it should be virtually impossible to tell whether or not the car was previously involved in a collision. Any good quality auto body Vancouver repair shop will be aware of this, and should make every effort to maintain the value of your car when performing repairs to the outer body.

Original/Proper Parts

Any auto body shop that is unable or unwilling to provide the correct parts for repairs is certainly one you should avoid. While the average person will be unaware as to what kind of replacement parts were used in the car’s repair, the overall longevity and driveability of the car will be drastically affected should original parts not be used. Should a potential buyer become aware of any corners that were cut in the car’s repairs, this will more than likely cause them to significantly reduce their offer, or pull it entirely, leaving you with a poorly maintained vehicle.

All of these factors concerning auto body repairs and how they can affect the resale value of your car rely heavily on the owner’s ability to trust whoever happens to be working on their car. For a quality repairs from an auto body shop that has earned the trust of car owners in the Vancouver and Richmond areas, take your vehicle to Grandcity Autobody. We’ll be happy to help get your car running smoothly and looking like new again. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.