visual image of sun damage on car

Protect Your Car Paint from the Sun

Why Do You Need to Protect Your Car Paint From the Sun?

Summer is great for a lot of reasons, especially if you’re living in Vancouver. The pools are open, the beaches are sunny, and the BBQs are lit, however, with the summer heat comes the increased risk of sun damage. Vancouver gets some strong UV rays in the summertime, and since we’re used to clouds and rain, there’s some extra precautions that should be put in place this time of year.

Just as your skin is at risk of experiencing sun damage, so is the paint on your car. While covering your auto body in a sunhat and some SPF 50 may not be the most realistic option, there are some precautions you can take to protect your car paint from the hot sun this summer.

What is Automotive Sun Damage?

Great question. Sun damage to your car’s body looks a little different than the sunburns you experience on your skin. Through exposure to the sun’s UV rays, the paint on your car may appear dull, faded, and cracked overtime.

Through a combination of sunlight and oxidation, the outer layers of your car’s auto body such as your car’s paint, clear coat, etc. will begin to break down. This is due to molecular damage done to the exterior coatings, causing tiny holes and cracks to form within these layers. Furthermore, the higher the exposure, the more damage inflicted in the forms of fading, corrosion, oxidation, and rust.

How to Prevent Sun Damage?

Now that you know the affect sun has on the exterior of your car, it’s time to take preventative measures. Here’s how you can prevent sun damage to your car’s paint:

1. Park in the Shade

While hiding your car from the sun is the obvious way to avoid sun damage, it may not be the most realistic option for everyone. However, if you have access to a garage or covering, storing your car under protective cover can go a long way in preventing sun damage, especially on very sunny days.

If you drive to work, your office may have access to an indoor parking spot or a nearby lot offering covered stalls. If you don’t have a garage or indoor parking stall available, you can invest in a protective shell to throw over your vehicle in a pinch or park in shaded areas, such as behind large trees or buildings.

2. Keep Your Car Clean

Dirt contains all sorts of contaminants which slowly eat away at the porous surface of your car. When these settle on the auto body, the layers of dirt, grime, and salt inflict damage to the car’s clear coat and paint, resulting in a faded and cracked appearance. Furthermore, natural elements such as bird droppings and bug splatters are highly acidic to your car’s auto body. If not removed, these expedite the damage to your exterior, especially when combined with sunlight.

Wash your car every 1-2 weeks to maintain the integrity of the car’s outer layers. Regular washing and drying will remove environmental contaminants and decrease the oxidation and heat collected by UV rays.

3. Apply a Premium Wax

Following your car wash, apply a premium layer of wax to the exterior of your auto body. Car wax provides an added layer of protection to minimize the damage inflicted by harsh elements and particles, such as UV rays, dirt, salt, contaminants, etc. With a healthy dose of wax, these external elements will hit the premium wax, rather than cling directly to the finish of your car. This protects the clear coat, paint, and sealants, as well as provides a luxurious shine and lustre to the look of your car.

Quality Auto Body Shop

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