How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Car?

Is The Cost To Paint A Car Expensive

If you’ve been the proud owner of your car for a few years (or decades!), you have probably started to notice that there is a fair amount of wear and tear showing inside and outside of your vehicle. While this is certainly to be expected, it is rarely welcome. Things like nicks, scratches and fading on your car’s exterior can negatively impact its resale value and just doesn’t look very nice at all. Fortunately, you can always put a new coat of paint on your vehicle to help keep it looking good as new, but before you do, it is important to know what is involved in a new paint job, and what a reasonable price would be for a new paint job.

Types of Paint Jobs and What’s Involved

There are a few different ways that a team of autobody professionals can help improve the look and increase the value of your vehicle with a new paint job. Each paint job may vary in price, but they will all do a lot to keep your car looking its best. The first type of paint job that most autobody shops offer as their least expensive option is usually referred to as a Basic finish. This involves a single-stage enamel paint that matches your vehicle’s existing colour and gives it a new, glossy finish designed to increase durability. This type of paint job is ideal for car owners looking to quickly recover the colour and finish of their car’s exterior while removing any scratches or marks, though it may not last as long as some other paint finishes. Another single-stage application option that is available at most autobody shops uses a urethane paint rather than a basic enamel paint. The urethane finish gives the car an even greater level of durability, and typically comes with a longer warranty. Both of these options are relatively inexpensive compared to others, while still providing a quality finish that will last.

Consider Two Stage Applications

Car owners looking for more of a long-term solution to prevent fading and scratching may want to consider some two-stage application options. With even a basic two-stage option, a car will receive a new gloss finish along with a more accurate colour match and a urethane sealer for extended durability. Because of the enhanced durability this type of paint job provides for your car, you can typically expect a longer warranty than one you would get with a single-stage paint job. Finally, for car owners looking to give their car the full paint and finish treatment, a full paint job will include everything described in the two-stage job, as well as light chip and scratch repair, a full sanding and priming of areas commonly known to rust, a durable urethane sealer and an extended warranty.

So What Is The Cost To Paint A Car?

So what exactly does it cost to get a new paint job done on your car? As you may have guessed from all the different options described above, a new paint job can vary in price. It all depends on who you choose to do the job and what kind of options you’re looking for to improve your vehicle’s appearance. For a top quality paint finish at a competitive price in the Vancouver and Richmond areas, there is no better option than Grandcity Vancouver Auto body! Contact us today for a free estimate!