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Most Popular Car Colours in 2023

Fashionable and fleeting; that’s the makeup of any good trend. Like what you see on the runway or gracing magazine covers, cars have their own annual fashion trends. However, unlike a new style of trouser or trendy couture, cars can’t switch out their getup quite as easily. Therefore, you’ll want to take careful consideration before having a full auto body revamp.

While trends come and go, they’re fun to indulge in once in a while. At the end of the day, what matters most is how you feel about your car. Are you looking for eye-catching and vibrant or timeless and neutral? Consider what you’re looking to get out of your vehicle when deciding on a new paint job. If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are the most popular car colours for 2023:

Trends in Car Paint Colours

When you look through the parking lots around you, you probably see a ton of variety. For you, your car may be an extension of your personality. Something you invest time, money, and thought into maintaining and optimizing. As such, you may be looking to add a little flare to your body on wheels.

Previously, manufacturers have focused on the tech and drive of their cars, opting for silver, greys, and blacks over more vibrant exterior bodies. While these colours highlight the car’s sharp design, the industry is moving away from neutrals into more colourful territory.

According to BASF’s 2022-2023 Automotive Colour Trends report, these are the top three paint choices for auto body:

  • Dark Seltzer. A medium-dark grey shade, this colour represents the “new normal” of grey auto bodies. It’s bold, sleek, and “pushes the boundaries” of this tried-and-true neutral.
  • Redolent Red. A subtly muted reddish brown, this shade of red represents strength combined with modern functionality.
  • Abstraction Blue. This rich, deep shade of blue evokes simple elegance and versatility. Suiting any texture of auto body, this colour represents the future of blue.

Unlike previous years where brighter was better, 2023 car paint trends prioritize class and depth. The above shades are meant to bring out the sleek curves and smooth aesthetic of your auto body as adaptations of the classic colour palettes. Therefore, opting for any of these colours – while labelled trendy – will not be out of style anytime soon.

Timeless Car Colours

While new can be fun, the timeless classics are always a safe bet. If you’re looking to resell your car, you’re wise to explore the colours that have remained on top for years now. Whether it’s a truck, SUV, minivan, sedan, or luxury vehicle, neutral shades have always been a popular choice.

According to Forbes, here are the most popular colour choices for vehicles in North America:

• Solid White
• Pearl White
• Metallic White
• Solid Black
• Effect Black
• Grey
• Silver
• Blue

Unique Car Shades

If you’re really looking to go against the grain, there are some new 2023 car colours that have shaken up the auto industry. Here are a few of the crazier shades you may be seeing:

  • Frozen Berry Metallic. Not your classic Barbie car shade, this is a frosty take on pink and purple hues. It brings about feelings of winter and ice, with gender-neutral vibes. See it here on the 2023 Porsche Taycan.
  • Birch Green. A psychedelic, almost radioactive shade of green, this colour will be sure to stand out in any car show. Take a look at the BMW M8 Convertible to view this out-there paint for yourself.
  • Thermal Orange Metallic. A rich and vibrant colour, this shade of orange combines depth and vibrancy. Giving mad sunset vibes, you can see this colour in action on the Acura NSX.

Auto Body Paint Experts

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