Should I Bring My Car To An Auto Body Shop If There Is Only Minor Damage?

Operating a vehicle is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. When you really think about the variables of what can go wrong, it’s a wonder that most people encounter few car accidents in their lives. In Vancouver, we also deal with weather conditions like rain and wind (rarely ice, though!), which can seriously affect the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike.

But perhaps it happens, for one reason or another, that your number comes up and you are in a fender bender (hopefully it’s minor and no one is seriously hurt). It doesn’t matter if it’s your fault, another driver’s fault, or the telephone pole’s fault, the end result is that your car has undergone some damage.

You might get out and take a look at what’s been done and think to yourself, “it’s nothing, I wasn’t traveling fast and it’s minor dent in my fender. No big deal.” Given the hassle of going through insurance and claims for repairs after an incident on the road, we can understand that sentiment. The question many people ask themselves is, “should I take your car to an auto body repair shop if there is only minor damage?”

In some cases, a collision results in some scratched paint, a bruised ego, and not much more. But in most cases, the damage to a car after an accident, even a minor one, should at least be assessed by a professional at an auto body repair shop.

These days, car manufacturers spend much time and effort making sure that vehicles are as safe as possible for drivers and passengers. But to ensure that people are as safe as they can be, the structural integrity of the vehicle must be kept in tact. Even a minor accident can compromise the safety of a vehicle, from affecting if and how the airbags deploy to weakening the windshield.

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There are a lot of moving parts under the hood of a car and when an accident occurs, those moving parts take a hit, too. It might not seem like the transmission in your car would slip after a rear end collision, but especially with all-wheel drive vehicles, an impact can cause the rear axle and drive shaft to be pushed into the vehicle’s transmission, even if it seemed like a slow motion impact.

Even damage to the tires and wheel rim from a seemingly harmless crunch can have wide ranging impacts like wearing down your shocks and struts, or cause steering system misalignment, even causing engine damage.

Better safe than sorry

At Grandcity Vancouver Auto body shop, we understand that it’s not usually the most pleasant experience to deal with insurance providers and get through the red tape of fixing a vehicle after an accident and that you might be tempted to ignore the seemingly small damage to a vehicle. But the rule of thumb is to bring in your vehicle to an auto body repair shop and let professionals assess the damage to the vehicle.

So even if you were hit from behind or accidentally bounced off a meridian taking a corner too fast, all accidents, even minor ones, warrant a look by a auto body technician. We have your best interest, and the interest of other passengers and pedestrians on the road, in mind and we’d like to help you keep the streets safe with a well functioning vehicle.