vancouver Rain Damage for cars

How to Protect Your Car From Vancouver Rain Damage

Vancouver is known for many things: sushi, expensive housing, the ocean, the mountains, and, of course, the rain. The city wouldnt be quite so beautiful if not for the rainfall, but that doesnt mean that we cant complain about it just a little.

Navigating our lives around the rain is a simple reality of Vancouver living. And it affects the way we approach car maintenance. A cars paint job is at risk in a rainy city like Vancouver. While the water itself wont damage the car, its the debris and dirt left behind will.

Rain might not be as serious as the destruction you find in other Canadian cities from the snow and the salt on the roads. But its still a good idea to be informed and take some preventative measures.

Over time, without proper preventative care from ongoing rain, a cars paint job will lose its sheen and begin to look dull. To protect our vehicles from rain damage requires a few simple steps. Read on for some great tips!

Take regular trips to the car wash

As mentioned, rain leaves behind bits of dirt and debris which will build up over time and can begin to wreck your cars paint. Some people think that because rain is water, a rain shower is the same as taking the car to the carwash. While there is some logic in that, it is not enough to keep a vehicles paint job safe. At a carwash, you can get into the hard to reach spots and do a proper job of cleaning the exterior of your car.

Get it waxed

If there is an option for a wax coating at the car wash, its a good idea to get it done at least once a month. You can also apply wax at home if you have the time and space to work on your car (this, of course, does not apply to everyone in Vancouver!).

A wax coating applies a seal on top of the paint and will repel the rainwater. It makes a big difference in terms of a paint jobs shine. There are different qualities of wax and you can always take your car to an auto body shop to get professional applications.

Keep it protected

You can do this in several ways. In addition to applying wax to your car, you can get a professional to apply a top coat of paint protection film. This added shield will keep your vehicle looking new for a long time to come.

Its also important to keep it your car protected from the elements as much as possible. If you have to park on the street, try to keep it away from trees bearing fruit (weve seen some serious damage from cherries and sap that eat away and stain paint jobs). If a storm is approaching, park it in a garage if you can to protect it from flying debris or hail. 

Whether you have invested in a car that you love or your vehicle just gets you from A to B, its still a good idea to do what you can to keep it in good condition. A car thats been well cared for will have a higher resale value and will be a source of pride.

If you have any questions about car maintenance, its best to take it to a professional auto body repair shop in Vancouver. At Grand City Autobody, we help drivers with a huge range of issues and offer advice and services to keep cars protected from the elements.