car and nature

How to Protect Car Paint from the Hazards of Nature?

Spring is here and with it comes many seasonal hazards that can affect a car’s paint job. From sap to sun to bird droppings, it seems like everything is aiming to eat away at the pristine, shiny paint you love so much.

In Vancouver, natural hazards are abundant. You must be vigilant if you want to protect against damage. Here are the most common hazards in the city, and how to protect your car from them.


Many people think that parking under a tree will provide shade, but the other side is that trees come with risks. Your car’s paint job is likely to get hit with tree sap or bird droppings, or both.


If you are on a road trip, chances are you are going to unintentionally kill a few bugs along the way. While most will end up on your windshield, it’s the ones that get stuck to the paint that you have to be careful about.

Dust and dirt

After a dry spell in the city, a layer of dirt builds up on our vehicles, which can scratch and damage the paint job.


The sun is a powerful thing and too much can break down the outer layer and cause paint to weaken and flake.

Wrong cleaning materials

Yes, it’s a great idea to wash your car at home, as long as you are using soap that is formulated for cars and cloths or sponges that are not abrasive.


Technically rust is a natural process, and one that will destroy a paint job. Rust, or oxidation of metal, occurs when the metal is exposed to iron, oxygen, or water. The most common cause of rust on cars is exposing the metal to water.

To protect your car from these car paint ruiners, there are a few precautions and steps you can take.

  1. Apply a wax coat. Every 3-4 months, it is a good idea to take some time to wax your vehicle. This protective layer does wonders for your paint job and helps repel the hazards listed above.
  2. Get it detailed. Taking your vehicle into a professional auto body shop to have it detailed inside and out will keep your car in pristine condition and protect the paint job.
  3. Watch where you park. As mentioned, under a tree to get some shade is not always the best trade off.
  4. Spot wash. If you see droppings or sap, don’t just leave it. If you don’t have time to hit the car wash, do a spot clean and get rid of the small hazards for now.

Basically, the best way to protect your vehicle’s paint job is to be proactive about it. Make sure the car is getting waxed regularly and keep it covered or out of harm’s way as much as possible.

For that extra insurance to keep your car’s resale value high, or just because you take pride in your car, we would be happy to help. Bring it to Grandcity Autobody Shop in Vancouver to see what we can do!