How to Prevent Rust

While all vehicles eventually form rust, it can greatly reduce the value and appearance of your vehicle. Fortunately, it’s possible to keep your car rust-free for a long time by performing regular maintenance and following our guide below on How To Prevent Rust.

What is Rust?

Rust is formed when a paint chip or scratch exposes the car’s metal to air and water. This causes the metal to oxidize, and a rust spot appears. Without repair, rust can erode the structure of your vehicle. This is especially common in colder climates where salt on winter roads speeds up the process.

Surface rust is the first sign of rust on your vehicle. Paint blisters and bubbles, and the telltale orange-red patches begin to form around nicks or metal. Fortunately, surface rust is easy to get rid of as long as you notice it early, and it does not affect the structure of your vehicle. As rusting progresses, the metal becomes brittle and holes begin to form. You can prevent this from happening by dealing with surface rust right away. Unfortunately, fixing penetrating rust means replacing panels.

Staying Rust-Free

The easiest way to preserve the appearance and value of your vehicle is to keep it rust-free. Here are some of the easiest ways to make rust prevention a part of your regular maintenance.

  • Wash your car regularly. Rust will form due to contact with salt, water, and dirt. Once winter hits and salt is on the roads, wash once a week to prevent damage from the salt. You might want to wash more frequently if you live by the ocean, too.
  • Don’t just clean the sides and top of your car. Clean the wheels and under the car as well. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there!
  • Wax your car four times a year. Sync it up with the seasons to help you remember.
  • Keep the inside of your vehicle clean, too. Rust can form from the inside, so clean up spills and any garbage.
  • Use a rust-preventing spray if you live where roads are frequently salted.
  • Drive safe and away from other cars to prevent nicking the paint with flying rocks or other debris.
  • Look for rust regularly. The paint will bubble and metal parts will be easily identifiable. If you notice rust, treat it immediately. It is fixable early, but the longer you wait the more the damage will add up.

By keeping you car clean, dry, and in good condition you can prolong its perfect appearance. If you need any advice on rust removal or products to use, give us a call or stop by one of our two locations, our Vancouver Auto Body Shop or our Richmond Autobody Shop.