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5 Tips to Help You Find the Right Vancouver Autobody Shop

Knowing you have a reliable and trustworthy autobody shop to meet your vehicle’s maintenance needs adds to many drivers’ peace of mind. A vehicle is invariably a necessity that gets us everywhere we need to go, including our place of work. If you don’t have a reliable Auto Body Shop in Vancouver, the following tips will help you locate one you can trust.

Talk to Family and Friends

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to select a good autobody shop. If you have friends in the Vancouver or Richmond area, be sure to ask them where they take their vehicles for autobody work. If you do take their advice and take your car to their recommended Vancouver auto body shop, be sure to tell the staff members who sent you. Many shops will reward their helpful customers for sending other customers their way.

Read Online Reviews

Many people won’t even go out to dinner to a new restaurant without first reading a review or two. Some car owners wouldn’t consider doing business with any company without first ensuring their reviews are up to snuff and that they have a good all-around reputation in the community.

Consider Location

Depending on where you live, a Richmond auto body shop might be the ideal location for you. When your car is in the shop, you certainly don’t want to have to drive a rental or second car far out of your way. Many people consider it important to work with an auto shop that is relatively close to their home or place of work.

Get Multiple Estimates

While it can be somewhat inconvenient to obtain estimates if your car is currently not running, you may want to call around or at least do some online research to get an idea about what car repairs should cost you. Just keep in mind that the least expensive quote may not reflect everything you need done to your car. Make sure to get estimates in writing so you can more accurately compare them.

Talk to the Staff

If your gut tells you that a shop couldn’t care less if they win your business, it probably isn’t the right shop for you. Be sure to follow your intuition about a business. If the staff is willing to warranty their work and walk you through all the issues with your car so you understand them as well as the costs to repair your car, you have a foundation to build on. If the staff does not effectively explain issues to you or cannot present a clear-cut solution to fix your vehicle, you may want to consider other options.


Keep these tips in mind as you search for an autobody shop. You want to find out about the shop’s additional features, such as whether it offers recovery towing or provides any other services you might need. Once you find a great shop, you’ll be able to recommend it to others who might be searching for one in the Vancouver area too.