Does Grandcity Auto Body REALLY Have A Lifetime Warranty?

At Grandcity Auto Body, we take pride in our work. To prove that we are confident in the job we do and to demonstrate our commitment to an excellent repair experience, Grandcity offers what we believe to be the most comprehensive warranty available in the collision repair business.

We offer a LIFETIME warranty on dent repair covering labour and materials for as long as the vehicle is registered in your name.

It sometimes takes a while for that to sink in. You don’t hear the words “Lifetime Warranty” anymore these days. For many years, auto body shops have been suffering a reputation where people don’t trust the work that technicians do. It is not uncommon for people to think that they need to have their guard up or that they will get talked into work that is unnecessary or low quality. By offering a lifetime warranty, we strive to prove that our quality and commitment to our customers goes above and beyond what is expected.

You might be wondering what the catch is, to which we say… there is no catch! Here is exactly what we offer in terms of our warranty from our Vancouver auto body shop.

Metal Work

Grandcity provides a lifetime warranty against defective workmanship to include welding and the application of materials used in making autobody repairs against deterioration.

Painting, Stripes, and Decals

Priming and paint work against solvent blistering or cracking is covered under our lifetime warranty, as is the application of decorative stripes or decals.


Grandcity guarantees that materials or parts used in our repair process are of the best quality available. While we seek out the highest quality parts, the parts or materials are subject to the guarantee of their original supplier. We will assist in handling any claim for defective parts under the original supplier’s guarantee.

Mechanical Repairs

Grandcity provides a lifetime warranty on all mechanical repairs relating directly to the original damage, excluding suspension, air conditioning, or other electrical assemblies or component.

As you can see, we have nothing to hide, and we want everything to be above board. We build our business on trust. And we know from how many returning customers we have that we are doing a good job.

We want our community to have peace of mind that they are receiving the highest quality dent repair work on their vehicle. A person’s safety at stake when driving through the streets of Richmond & Vancouver, we stake our reputation on providing the highest quality work.

We have two convenient locations to choose from in Vancouver & Richmond. So if you are looking for high quality, long lasting car body work that you can trust, stop by and see us.

And feel free to ask us in person: Does Grandcity Auto Body REALLY Have A Lifetime Warranty?

The answer, we’re happy to say, is yes!