Do I need to clear the snow from the top of my car?

It feels like Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and the west coast were stuck in an ice freeze all winter. Everyone saw the news reports of the mess on the roads because the heavy snowfall. People were driving without winter tires and taking risks that put themselves and others in danger.

Driving in the snow requires some precaution. One question people often ask is: do I need to clear the snow from the top of my car? The short answer is: Yes. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are a list of reasons why it is important that you clear the snow off your car before you take to the streets.

You can get a ticket

If you are driving with frosted windows to the point where it impedes your vision, there is a chance that you can get pulled over and given a warning or even a ticket. Especially if there was freezing rain or heavy snow, the police are on the prowl for those who are putting others in danger.

It is dangerous

Perhaps you’re in a hurry and you figure that the air will eventually melt the frost so you decide to risk it and drive. All you have is a tiny hole of clear glass. Sure, that small hole grows bigger as the heat kicks in but you are putting yourself, other drivers and pedestrians in danger. If you can’t see out your windows, you should not be putting your vehicle on the road.

It could cost you

Not just the price of the ticket you got stuck with, but when we force the windshield wipers to work when they are covered in ice or snow, it can damage the motor and the wipers and you’ll need to replace them. Also, the vehicle’s HVAC system can be damaged if the snow is not cleared properly. This is because the snow can be drawn into the fresh air intake system and can waterlog a cabin air filter or cause problems with heater control doors.

Clearing the ice and snow off a vehicle is really not that much of a chore with the proper tools. The most useful thing you can purchase is a good scraper and brush — our favourites come together on one tool. Scraping the windows with a proper scraper (not that unused card you find in your wallet) makes short work of the task and a heavy bristled brush gets rid of the snow in a snap.

When you are clearing off the snow, don’t forget to take care of your side mirrors and the headlights too. Remember, it’s not just about what you can see but who can see you. There are so many more dangerous situations on the road in the winter that it is up to everyone to take precautions and ensure that they are doing their part to keep things safe.

So, yes, for the good of your bank account and the safety of yourself and others, please do take the extra time to make sure that all of the snow and ice is removed from your vehicle. That way you are adding to the safety on the road, not taking away from it. If anything, you can always contact our Vancouver auto body shop.