summer tips

How to Buy Summer Tires

Summer is a great time to buy new tires especially if you are planning to take a driving vacation or lots of seasonal excursions. Whenever you buy tires there are some essential considerations to keep in mind, but if you plan to buy new tires this summer, use these tips to help you make an optimum purchase for your vehicle.

Tire Brand

Many drivers prefer to purchase name brand tires from manufacturers that have a reputation for quality excellence. A quality brand means you can trust their products. If you aren’t sure about unknown brands, talk to your tire dealer for more information about them. Moreover, be sure to understand the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty. Knowing the ins and outs of the warranty may help you narrow down your selection.

Choose the Right Tires for Your Vehicle

Tire ratings will help you narrow down your tire selection. Certainly your tire dealer will be able to recommend tires for your vehicle, but you must keep tire rating in mind. For instance, high performance cars require high performance tires designed for speed. If you choose a tire that is poorly matched to your vehicle, it is apt to lose integrity. You can check your car manual or talk to your tire dealer about the tire rating associated with the car you drive. Typically your dealer will have a database that provides this information, so don’t worry if you don’t know the tire rating. Just be sure to ask about it when you purchase your tires.

Consider the Tread

New tires will provide your vehicle with good traction. If you aren’t sure you need all new tires, your dealer can help you examine the tread on your current tires. While traction is definitely important for winter weather, it’s also required for summer weather. Roads can be slick during rain and good traction is important no matter what season you happen to be driving in. If you have questions about traction, your dealer can explain all you need to know.

Tire Inflation

When you install or have your new tires installed, be sure they are properly inflated for summer. The pressure required for summer driving is necessarily different from winter driving. Inflation can affect tire longevity and fuel efficiency. Be sure your tires are inflated as they should be to protect their integrity and to ensure your ability to safely get from here to there.

Proper Installation and Additional Warranty

Naturally, drivers want their tires installed properly so that they are balanced. Summer is a good time to rotate the tires so that their tread life wears evenly. Summer is also a good time to have your vehicle’s alignment checked so that your tires don’t wear prematurely. Drivers might also wish to consult their dealer about additional warranties that may include road hazards. During the summer season, there is always plenty of construction and roadwork; it can be easy to run over a nail or some other roadway hazard.

Tires are an integral part to your driving and can cause a collision if you don’t have the proper tires on your vehicle. Be sure to do you research so you can have a great driving experience this summer.