What you should know about Auto body quotes

Why Autobody Quotes Vary in Vancouver?

Quotes Differ From Autobody Shops In Vancouver & Richmond

If you’ve been in a fender bender or have noticed damage to your car (which often happens when you drive in places like Vancouver or Richmond, or any city for that matter), you might shop around for quotes to repair the problem.

If you do, you might notice that you get a wide range of quotes for the same job. And you might be wondering why that is? Rightfully so.

There are a number of reasons why one auto body quote might be higher or lower than another. Here are some of them.

What Materials Your Autobody Shop Uses

Different auto body shops use different kinds of parts and materials. Some shops have a backlog of parts on hand in the shop and others order them from dealerships or suppliers on a job-to-job basis. In the same vein, some shops only use new parts and others fix problems with used parts. All of this will affect the price of the overall quote. For example, if a shop has to order in a rare part or search around to find the part they need, you can expect a higher price quoted. If the job you are trying to fix requires new parts, make sure you ask where the parts are coming from and whether they are new or used.

The Problem

Not every problem is a straightforward fix and one mechanic might see the problem differently from the next. Some quotes might include problems that are in addition to, or related to, the original problem, which could raise the price of the quote. If you receive a higher quote from an auto body shop, it could be because they have identified more work that needs to be done to keep or get your car into good working order.

How Much Experience Does The Autobody Technician Have

This could work for or against you in terms of the cost of repairing damage to your vehicle. If a shop is brand new and doesn’t have a great standing in the market, it might low ball its competitors to entice you to get your business. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t do a good job, but that they are trying to build their reputation. On the other hand, a body shop with a solid reputation might charge slightly more because their technicians are reliable and you know that you will be receiving a job well done. Sometimes paying a bit more is worth knowing that your vehicle is in good hands.

Relationships Matter

Some body shops reward loyalty. If you have been going to the same auto body shop for many years and compare their quote with a new one you recently discovered, you might notice a variation in the price of the quote. Many auto body shops want their customers to keep coming back so if you build up a relationship with one, you might see discounts in labour costs or lower prices on parts. In other words, sometimes it pays to stick to one shop, especially if you are happy with the work they do.

At Grandcity Vancouver Auto body, we have a great rapport with our many customers in the Vancouver and Richmond areas. While we understand the need for people to shop around, we are proud to have so many customers return to us time and again.

If your vehicle has undergone some damage and is need of a repair, bring it by Grandcity Autobody so we can have a look at it. We offer fair quotes that reflect our expertise and excellent service.