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7 Most Common Auto Body Repairs in Vancouver

It’s hard to avoid auto body repairs as a car owner. Even the best drivers can’t escape accidental dents to their cars. Vehicles may also require auto body repairs as they age. As the best auto body shop in Vancouver, BC, our team at Grandcity Autobody completes many repair projects each year. Here are seven of the most common repairs we complete:

1. Surface Dent Removal

If your vehicle has minor dents that didn’t affect the paint, the average Vancouver auto body shop can restore the affected area quickly. The auto body personnel will use special tools to remove the dent. These tools include a heat gun, soft mallet, or a toilet plunger. After the repair, the area will look flush with the rest of the nearby surface. You also won’t need to repaint your vehicle.

2. Exterior Scratch or Paint Damage Repair

Scratches tend to lower your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. Any qualified auto body shop in Vancouver will offer paint damage repair as one of their primary services.  The repair process is straightforward. However, it’s time-consuming and easy to mess up. The process will often involve sanding (to remove the scratch), priming, repainting, and sealing. The repair team must use a paint colour that matches the manufacturer’s paint code for a perfect finish.

3. Body Panel Replacement

If you’ve been in an accident and the panel took a big hit, you’ll need body panel replacement. This type of auto body repair is one of the most demanding. Service personnel often choose to replace them because repairs are not cost-effective. The process takes time because the auto body repair services provider will likely need to order the panels. They may also need to paint the installed panel to match the colour of the vehicle.

4. Auto Glass Repair and Windshield Replacement

Your vehicle’s glass can chip, break or crack following collision or accidental impact from birds, tree branches, or rocks on the road. Most auto body shops will look at the damaged vehicle and let you know if the glass is repairable or if you need complete glass replacement. Repairs are highly unlikely with vehicle glass, though. Hiding the cracks is difficult, and the cracked area will be more prone to spidering down the line. Therefore, getting a replacement is often the best choice.

5. Bumper Repair and Replacements

Vehicle bumpers take the bulk of the hit in a collision from behind. Auto body repair shops replace destroyed bumpers because it’s often hard to repair serious bumper damage without ruining the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal. Any reputable collision repair shop will order an appropriate replacement bumper for your vehicle model and make if you need these automotive repairs. Alternatively, you can buy the replacement from any of the numerous car shops in Vancouver and take it to your preferred repair team for installation.

6. Fender Repair and Replacement

The fender is the opposite of the bumper, protecting the front of your car. If you get into a fender bender or collide with a stationary object, the fender will need replacing during collision repair. Like the bumper, the auto body repair shop will repair minor dents and replace the fender completely for more serious damage.

7. Frame Alignment and Repair

A collision can cause a range of problems, including a bent frame. Some top signs of frame damage include difficulty closing doors and trunks, transmission problems, and electrical issues. Frame alignment is a job for qualified professionals. Your car may never be fully ready to return to the road without proper alignment.

The collision professionals at the auto body repair service will evaluate the situation and recommend the perfect approach for the auto body repair process. Adhering to their recommendations is the best way to return your car to optimum condition and avoid putting yourself at risk when you’re back on the road.

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