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The Top 5 Questions To Ask About Auto Body Shop

So, you’re considering the use of an auto body shop in Vancouver, but you’re not sure which questions you should ask? When it comes to the art of car painting, there is no such thing as asking too many questions. However, who has the time or patience to put their auto body shop through an interrogation?

We’re here to make your research easier by pinpointing the five most important questions that you should be asking about auto body painting. Once you reach a better understanding of what to expect out of your auto body shop and how to go about car painting, you will be much better positioned to achieve the results that you want.

5 Questions Should Ask About Auto Body Shop Painting

1. Can I Paint My Car Myself?

Ah, the DIY mentality. While this line of thinking can be admirable in certain situations, car painting is not one of them. Although it may be a realistic project for somebody with mechanical and artistic skills, for most car-owners it is a process far too complex and intricate to be undertaken by themselves.

Aside from the actual skill involved, painting a car also incorporates the use of specific supplies and materials, which can even add up on their own. It’s much better to put your trust in a shop that already has said tools and materials on hand, and that will be able to do the job in a much more timely and convincing manner.

2. How Can I Be Sure That the Paint Job Will Match the Colour of My Car?

When your car is undergoing an aesthetic change as important as a paint job, it is natural to worry that your car will come out looking mismatched or like it was obviously painted. However, it may calm your nerves that there are ways for a manufacturer to ensure that they are painting your car accurately.

For example, most car models will have some kind of paint code located on their body, whether it be on the inside of the door, in the trunk, or under the hood. This code will tell your auto body shop the exact colour that the manufacturer used, which should make their job of matching your car colour less of a guessing game and more of a science.

3. Is it Safe to Wash my Car After It’s Been Painted?

Even if your car hasn’t yet been delivered to the shop, it’s natural to start wondering about your car’s aftercare. Much like humans may be apprehensive about showering immediately after a tattoo, it’s normal to worry about the effects of giving your car a wash shortly after it’s been painted.

The answer to this is that you should apply a great deal of caution. In fact, in order to give your paint the required time to fully dry and settle, it is recommended that you wait up to three months before bringing your car through a car wash. The same timeline applies for waxing your car or even scraping snow off of it. Instead, it is recommended that you wash your car gently by hand during this time — this is likely what the shop will have done before they give the vehicle back to you.

4. Will My Car Look Brand New After a Paint Job?

It’s understandable to want your car to look brand new after it has been in the body shop. After all, if you’re taking the care to get your car repaired for a cosmetic problem, chances are that you take pride in your vehicle.

The answer to this question is a bit hard to answer. While it would be nice to be able to give a resounding “yes”, the truth is that this will depend greatly depending on the extent of the wear and tear on your car, as well as the quality of services that you are undergoing.

If you are getting your car painted to undo damage such as rust and scratches, chances are that your auto body shop will be able to provide your car with such a transformation that it will look good as new. However, if you have larger imperfections such as dents and gauges, it goes without saying that you may need to also invest in fixing these, and that paint won’t fix everything.

One more thing to consider is that quality car paint may take time. Depending on the shop, it may take up to an entire week for your car to be efficiently painted.

5. How Much Will a Car Paint Job Cost?

Before you decide that you would like to have your car painted, it’s sensible to consider just how much this job will cost in the first place. The answer to this, like most car repairs, is that it can vary.

When you are trying to budget for a car painting, the best course of action is to get an estimate from the shop that is tailored to you. The reason for this is that there are many factors that will go into the cost of a paint job, from the size of your car’s body to the model of your car and the amount of prep work that will be required. For example, oftentimes the painting of a car will require the removal of the car’s innards — a process that can add both time and money to your overall quoted price.

The good news is that, while having your car painted might be an investment, it can also help with the overall value of your car. If your car looks great, you may have an easier time convincing buyers that your vehicle would make a good purchase. If you need car paint services in Vancouver, please make sure to contact Grandcity!