vancouver auto body shop myths

Auto Body Shop Myths

Nothing beats the freedom of driving. Whether you’re road tripping on an open highway or zipping around Vancouver, driving is a great feeling.

Every now and again, however, accidents happen, and they can quickly turn the joy of driving into a stressful and upsetting situation. There are so many things to think about directly after an accident — making sure everyone is ok, exchanging information, directing traffic, checking damage and so on. The last thing people want is to stress about which auto body shop they’ll go to and how to deal with their insurance along the way.

Part of that is because there are several myths that exist about auto body shops and accident insurance. All these myths tend to do is worry people. So we thought we’d come up with a list of what these auto body fears are, followed by the actual truth.

Myth 1 — A car will never be the same after an accident

This, of course, depends on how severe the accident is. In some cases, a car should not be fixed and should instead be taken off the road. Sometimes it might seem like the damage isn’t too bad from just looking at it, but the frame has been compromised and the safety can’t be guaranteed.

However, professional auto body shops with highly trained auto body technicians will often be able to restore the safety and aesthetic condition of a vehicle after an accident. That is their job, after all.

Myth 2 — Only the car dealer is capable of properly repairing your car

This myth runs deep but it’s definitely not true. One of the reasons people believe this is because they associate only the dealership with being able to order “original equipment manufacturer” or OEM parts.

However, many auto body shops can order and replace OEM parts, restoring a car to its original condition.

Myth 3 — Your insurance won’t warranty the work if you don’t use their repair shop

In fact, the auto body shop warranties the work, not the insurance company. However, not every auto body shop can warranty their work so it’s up to you do to your research. But the myth that insurance company to warranty an auto body shop’s work is false.

The good news, Grandcity Autobody provides a Lifetime Warranty on our work for as long as the vehicle is registered in your name.

Myth 4 — Your insurance company will cover all damage and repairs

What your insurance will cover depends instead on what kind of policy you have and the variables of the accident. Things like who is at fault, for example, or if the crash was due to something like sliding on ice. The extent of your coverage will dictate how much of the repairs are covered, and it’s something you should familiarize yourself with.

Myth 5 — You must use the auto body shop recommended by your insurance company

While the insurance company will make auto body repair shop recommendations, you are not bound to it. You are allowed to use whichever licensed repair shop you please. Of course, if the technician is operating under the table, or out of his garage and without the proper license, the insurance company has the right to not accept the claim. But if you have a trusted, licensed technician, it is within your rights to use that auto body repair shop.

Do be aware, however, that if the shop has no affiliation with the insurance company, the claim may take longer to settle. That’s because they will need to bring in a third party to assess the repairs and it might not be the most efficient process.

In the end, people have more rights than they often assume when it comes to auto body repairs after an accident. However, with the high stress that comes after an accident, it’s understandable that people might feel impatient, and their vulnerability means they can be more easily taken advantage of.

Auto body shops unfortunately battle many myths. But we’re here to help, not make things worse, and that’s why employ the best auto body technicians in Vancouver & Richmond. You can see by our happy clientele that we do the best we can to stay honest and keep our clients coming back.

Stay safe on the roads out there!